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Thursday August 14, 2014.


Highly Dangerous Worldwide Horseracing Crisis
Bloodhorse Illiterate Governments Called To Account
British political zone, legal zone, racecourse zone and horseracing zone government's on trial within these four zones.
Graham Green for the Racing Post Thursday August 14.  page 5, his header reads:

“Bittar in pledge to work with industry to calm fears of rift. “
“BHA chief executive Paul Bittar has moved to calm fears of a rift with the bookmaking Industry over the size of financial payments demanded by racing’s stakeholders."

How can Bittar be expected to do this when he is responsible for that rift himself in the first place. Bittar is working only for government not for anything to do with British horseracing make no mistake about that. Underhand bloodhorse illiterate government evil fraudulent malpractice left ongoing over centuries. Horseracing used by governments to enable them to fraudulently extract billions of pounds from true horsemen in Blood Money from work carried out by other people. People who have achieved true bloodhorse literacy in their own right.. Bookmakers long caught in evil financial government trap,

"On Tuesday Ladbrokes boss Richard Glynn fired the opening salvo in what many fear could develop into a crisis for the sport when he warned racing could become unsustainable  as a betting product unless a more equitable deal is struck with his company and fellow operators.”

Bittar is being used as a pawn in a fraudulent government game. Government's who play games with other peoples lives for only their own financial gain, are committing a Criminal Act against each person they condemn dishonestly.  To include misleading our Queen Elizabeth every day of the week every week to include all her people and the horses. The General Election planned for next year in the present fraudulent government environment a Criminal Act in itself. As well as a moral outrage.

Green’s last paragraph: Quote Bittar: “The sport’s priority is to achieve a level playing field in terms of the rapidly growing remote betting market, of which at present the vast majority is not captured by the levy.”

Bloodhorse Illiterate Paul Bittar in accepting and taking this job became a public fraud from day one. His Bloodhorse Illiteracy alone rules him out of any and all such posts in horseracing in any and all parts of the world.



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