Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday September 21, 2016.


JMC: These flags here are to celebrate mercy through our global path to peace. Peace that can provide Global Daily Decent Human Rights that include the "Female of the Species, and  all life on this earth. "Bloodhorse Illiterate" male RSPCA prosecutions, brought through "Bloodhorse Illiterate male lawyers, corrupted by bloodhorse illiterate male lawyers. The global scale of  bloodhorse illiterate cruelty, malpractice being allowed to go on, over the last 7 decades is not acceptable to any and all life to include the horses.

Save Our True Professional Horsemen and Horsewomen Now
A Dying Profession

February 14th 2001 - All these facts were bought to light.
Now to date August 2013 - 14 years on there has been absolutely no action taken to sort any of these issues out.

1. INTRODUCTION - February 14th 2001
Regarding In particular the proven professional horsemen and horsewomen working at the top of this profession.
Turfcall’s aim and purpose is to bring “The Back Stage Performers” directly to
centre stage here, to uphold all their rights and those of the beautiful creatures in their care

Team (Henry) Candy


JMC:  Balance, timing,  hands this young man, or is this a young woman? Has earned his, her own "true bloodhorse literate copyright rating. But instead is trapped in a male
Tory government bloodhorse illiterate corrupt minimum / living wage scam. To be able to canter a racehorse in training as this photographs reveals this rider has achieved her-his own "Copyright Rating. " This fact alone should regulate a decent wage structure table.  A fee of  £200.00 + Plus per hour as demanded by the Self Regulated British Legal Justice System such as it is, or is not, at present. There has always to be a true guide wage scale.  

 AIM, Ability, Wage Structure: A Ladder Structure: The only Fair, Honest, 

Decent and Reasonable Wage Structure there is. Inclusive of an honest career 

development program, to include an interval top-up skill facility.    

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17,  CH4 9.00am - 10.00am. 
 MORE4 1.35pm - 4.10pm 


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