Thursday, 15 May 2014

GLOBAL Horseracing bloodhorse illiteracy found rampant

The  British and Royal Western India Turf Club. (RWITC) Mahalaxmi Racecourse.
 Where is the British governments public apology to Martin Dwyer?  Where is India's government public apology to Martin Dwyer?

By Graham Green
(Racing Post Wednesday May 14, 2014)
Mahalaxmi racecourse in Mumbai 2010.
Pic: Martin Dwyer: "As far as I'm concerned the whole thing is over because I won't be going back there" .
Equus Zone:
 J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Equus Zone Facts.
Time Line: Four years.
Royal Western India Turf Club  (RWITC)
India Stewards do not belong in the Equus Zone
British Government Top Stewards do not belong in the Equus Zone (BHA)
 ICE AGE (in this race) (after the race) AND MARTIN DWYER  (in this race) (after this race)
Ice Age partner Martin Dwyer. (RWITC) Both belong in the Equus Zone.
Equus Zone: Bloodhorse Illiterate  Cruelty Issue:
Involving a filly named  Ice Age partnered by Martin Dwyer.
 Ice Age suffering a broken blood vesicle during the closing stages of a race with  Dwyer in the saddle . Dwyer could feel that there was something  seriously wrong with Ice Age so he pulled her up. What a blessing that Dwyer did pull her up.   She had broken a blood vesicle. Following this Dwyer was treated like a criminal by both the Royal Western India Turf Club  (RWITC) and the British Horseracing Government Top Stewards do not belong in the Equus Zone (BHA)
 It's considered okay for Governments to libel and slander Martin Dwyer's name is it?

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... Cullen pioneering top professional global lightweight jockey ... MARTIN DWYER EXPLAINES: LICENSED BRITISH FLAT ... the jockey and exercise rider involved ...
All this smacks of dark age cruel evil government policy

One for Pope Francis.

All creatures great and small, including the two legged variety (us)

Time Line: 2014
That dreadful  horrific cruelty such as this is going on is a disgrace. In Britain,

 Ireland, France and USA there are some truly great horsemen as Martin Dwyer is.

 All being condemned every day by 

cruel ancient government policies

BBC1 Breakfast yesterday showed a dog attacking a little four year old boy. ( in

California.) The dog fixed the little boy knocking him over.  In an instant the little

boy's cat Tara rushed over pounced on the dog and

chased the dog off not once but twice. Saving this little boys life.



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