Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saturday January 3, 2015.


Racing Right Global Equus Zone (GB)
But where are the true global bloodhorse literate rules of horseracing?
Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing a
warm welcome to Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post) 

J Margaret Clarke
Turfcall FactFile
GLOBAL JOCKEYS are not puppets on anyone’s string. They all have, or should have their absolute professional rights and needs met in any and all countries they may ride in. But they are not allowed to have any rights and needs are they. Because the governments' don’t even bother to run horseracing with true bloodhorse literate horseracing rules. Global jockey’s are being left to put-up and shut-up. Expected to go out and ride every day leaving their lives dangerously open to possible death, destruction and horrific injury, along with the racehorses they partner. The top table people who allow the like of this to be going on need their top table kicking over, and themselves kicked out along with it.  

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