Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday January 20, 2015.

Racing Right Global Equus Zone (GB)
Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing
a warm welcome to Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post)


Where are the true global bloodhorse literate rules of  

On the Racing Road: The Ultimate Journey to the Racecourses of the World
Author: Nicholas Godfrey

JMC: On the Peace Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to find and keep World Peace
On the War Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to prevent and stop World and other Wars.
To attempt to find the true balance between War and Peace.
Aim: To prevent War and to promote Peace.

"Special focus Bill Barber brings news, as new British horseracing government (BHA) chief Nick Rust gets to work."
Published Racing Post Monday January 12 2015 Pages 1-8-9

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