Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sacred Sunday February 22, 2015.


RT Hon David Cameron Conservative MP didn’t have his jodhpur’s on, or RT Hon Nick Clegg Conservative PM in tow, or leaflets to hand out explaining the bliss of living on or in government’s minimum wage trap,  when he called round to Newmarket this week.  Cameron obviously wasn’t expecting to get a leg-up from RT Hon John Gosden.  Which rather prevented Cameron from showing us all how we should ride, in his usual finger wagging way.  Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, or not as the case maybe. Cameron was at pains to tell us what he termed to be horseracing’s “massive British success”. The dodgy lip-service Cameron chose to use to side track the stark and dangerous issue of British political, legal, financial, racecourse and horseracing government’s abusive theft, left ongoing over the last 6 decades and to date,  government tactics that have bled the grass roots of British horseracing dry, and made horseracing 100 per cent more dangerous both in Britain and worldwide by the second than it should ever be allowed to be.
 Rt Hon Jason Maguire the latest horseman suffering dangerous abuse, and unjust punishment from supposed government.
 Jason Maguire Set to Appeal Ban

'Inspirational' McNamara in great form for Festival

a year after horror fall .

(In The Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Chase on March 14 2013)
The cause of JT McNamara's tragic horror fall and the consequences that have followed along ever since was due to bloodhorse illiterate government steward error at the Cheltenham Festival 2014 messing around doing a job they were and are unfit to carry out. Not qualified to do in the first place. Those Cheltenham stewards if they are intending to act at this next Cheltenham Festival 2015  Tuesday March 10 to Friday March 13. Need to put their hands up,  own up, and do the decent thing,  stand down from playing dangerous games with other peoples' to include the horses' lives this year at this next Cheltenham Festival Meeting 2015. British  political, legal, financial, racecourse and horseracing government failed working practices are found to be so bad, as to be totally unacceptable. 

Jockey JT McNamara returns home 15 months after horror fall at Cheltenham Festival 2014.

Which leads to the following question: If British government attitude over the last 6 decades has got horseracing so wrong, what else are government  getting so wrong? 


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