Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thursday February 26, 2015.

Tuesday March 10 to Friday March 13 

No way does the present prize-money allocation reflect the true worth of each race. The very opposite remains to be the case. The allocated prize-money at the 2015 Cheltenham Festival (4 days) and the Aintree Grand National (3 days) both considered to be the Olympic Games of British National Hunt Jump Turf Racing. If the true prize-money pitch at the top is not established, how can there be a true pitch at the bottom?  Or the in between? Or a truly  pitched Learner Student Racing Right Equus Zone to include a True Career Direction Guide with a daily rate of pay for skills achieved. The government "Minimum Wage Theft", or as termed "A Living Wage Theft" does not and can never apply in horseracing. The top professional rate of pay for True Handler-Riders who make up the Trainers Teams and prepare the racehorses every day to compete in races on racecourses the government fraud over setting a Minimum Wage looks even worse due to the fact the government do not provide and set a Maximum Wage.  Government minister Sir Malcolm Rifkin MP clearly knows what a Maximum Wage is, as he has stated in the news this week. Proving that government theft is acceptable for politicians, but not for true highly skilled horsemen. 

Human Rights In Horseracing (JMC:)
Should always apply to the horses as well as to the horsemen who work with the racehorses
in training every day, without whom there would be no "horseracing product" to sell for the politicians, for the lawyers, for the accountants, for the racecourses, for the horseracing government for the bookmakers, for the punters or the media - anywhere in the world today. The copyright of the "True British Horseracing Product Racing Right Equus Zone" belongs to, or should belong to all those who present the racehorses to the public every day on the racecourses.And will apply, should apply same at the Cheltenham Festival (4 days), and Aintree (3 days) 2015 meetings 2015. The present order of the seven day's racing coming up at Cheltenham and Aintree - we see that the only people who don't get paid for the work they will be doing for Cheltenham and Aintree racecourses over these seven days is expected to be carried out for free. Any one who goes to these two meetings  or watches on CH4 know the massive crowds attracted, the money that flows in to both these racecourses is massive, so how ever are they getting away with not paying the providers of this sport anything at all? Government and racecourse greed ongoing over the last 6 decades a shocking and evil  malpractice ... beyond all belief. 
True horsemen together with each racehorse competing have been left to suffer 6 decades of government abuse and punishment resulting in the most horrendous consequence.

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