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JMC: The Life and Times so far

 of 31 year old Danny Cook (GB)

 Licensed British Jump Jockey, who's career spans

different worlds.
Track summary (since 2008)  
JMC:  A tricky time in the life of Danny Cook.
Bearing in mind that the British male of the species, known to be not keen on going to any doctor, even when nearly fit to drop. We all have different personalities. We all react to situation differently.
The British male political, legal and horseracing government over the last 6 decades have totally ignored the needs and rights of the young ones. Especially in horseracing.
 Cook now has six months to review where he is in his life now, and attempt to sort out his present career low, to find his best way forward from now, his way, not anyone else’s way. 

 Riding professionally since 2008 Cook has had 8 years of experience in this profession. A profession long since recognised as a tough, tough, tough male domain. Far too tough for many, to include the horses. Fraught with dangerous bloodhorse literate life and death situations that develop in split seconds, needing immediate accurate responses, especially due to the fact that “True British Bloodhorse Literate Horseracing Rules do not exist. “ Which to all licensed professional riders all those like Cook who compete over Jumps, are being left to wonder how ever to cope.
 A catastrophic error of male government judgement that has blighted the lives of billions of other peoples lives to include the horses.
  A  dishonest evil male government situation impossible for any licensed rider to cope with.
 Horseracing is a young person’s sport. All the young ones need true guidance, not senior male abuse and punishment. Especially in horseracing.
British male horseracing government do not even bother to have a true horseracing career structure, with a true fair wage ladder according to skills achieved,  a guide for the young ones to aim for, does not exist.  Why?

 JMC: There are twelve thousand homeless children sleeping rough on the streets every year, through parent abuse going on at home, that County Counsel's totally ignore. Why is this? 
British male government related shocking neglect of the poor, timeline evidence policy that underlines an evil government attitude and incompetence beyond all belief effecting millions of peoples daily lives Charles Dickens style, on a massive scale.

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