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GOING: Hurdle & Chase course - GOOD TO YIELDING; Cross country course - GOOD (Good to firm in places). (Cloudy)
3:40 Kildare Hunt Club Fr Sean Breen Memorial Chase (for the Ladies Perpetual Cup) 3m Card Betting
4:20 Herald Champion Novice Hurdle (Grade 1) 2m Card Betting
4:55 Killashee Handicap Hurdle (Grade B) 2m Card Betting
5:30 BoyleSports Champion Chase (Grade 1) 2m Card Betting
6:05 Goffs Land Rover Bumper INH Flat Race 2m Card Betting
6:40 Growise Champion Novice Chase (Grade 1) 3m1f Card Betting
7:15 JLT INH Flat Race 2m Card Betting


 Government needs now to pick up on the true key “Bloodhorse Literate side of horseracing worldwide. The side that British governments’ have chosen to ignore ongoing over the last 6 decades. Government are now called to set this matter straight to eradicate their errors, which have caused daily death and distruction  

To support the popular “Gambling Game” that horseracing provides government have agreed though Nick Rust  a "Betting Right." Government need to ensure that “True Bloodhorse Literate Betting Rights” are always in place. And need to ensure “True  Bloodhorse Literate Rules of Horseracing” are always in place.

There needs to be a further Racing Right 
“The True Bloodhorse Literate Racing Right where is it?

Inclusive as set out under the following titles:-

A “True Bloodhorse Literate Equus Veterinary Medication Right” Where is it?.

Direction: There needs to be aTrue Bloodhorse Literate Career Right” . Where is it?

Direction: There needs to be a "True Bloodhorse Literate Purse Pay  Right” . Where is it?
There needs to be a Government “True Bloodhorse Literate Standards Right” Where is it?
British horseracing has been governed on the cheap, over the last 6 decades negligently, by highly dangerous bloodhorse illiterate people.

What should be the purse for the true horseman who cared for, and rode Arazi out each day? Tutored Arazi  every day throughout his racing career? Without which Arazi would never have been heard of, leave alone win a race.
What should be the purse for the true horseman who cared for, and rode Sea The Stars out each day? Tutored Sea The Stars  every day throughout his racing career?
Sea The Stars retired to Stud. What stallion fee does Sea The Stars earn every year? Does the true horseman who prepared Sea The Stars for each and every race he competed in receive a percentage of Sea The Star Stud Fee Income? What do you think?
Perspective? Who's?
2015 STUD FEE: EUR 125,000
Sire of the winners of 112 races and £4,045,311.
Top professional Group 1 handler-rider-jockey?
Professional Group 2  handler-rider-jockey.
Professional Group 3  handler-rider-jockey.
Professional Group 3  handler-rider-jockey.

Professional Group 4 Learner Student  Apprentice (Flat Turf) Conditionals' (Jumps Turf) handler-rider-jockey

 Page 4 in Sunday’s “BIG READ”

 “Polls say bookies need to prepare for Miliband era. “ 

Tom Kerr brings news.
Racing Post Sunday April 26 Big Read p 4
“In the past few days the betting has begun to reflect what polling has been telling us”   

“May is shaping up to be a great month for fans of special, or frivolous, bets. Not only do we have the Eurovision song contest, which, like a Vladimir Putin campaign rally, combines geopolitical rabble rousing  with overblown euro-pop, but the election looms into view with constituency-by- constituency betting and markets for all number of eventualities providing ample opportunity to increase your personal trade deficit.


“Those of us who have been closely following the election, whether out of punting, political or purely masochistic urges, will have noticed for weeks there has existed a puzzling disparity between the realms of poling data and the betting markets.


“While the polling stubbornly refuses to shift from the deadlock, the markets have long been convinced the Tory election strategy would pay dividends and propel David Cameron into a second term on a wave of better-the-bozo-you-know fervour.


“That strategy seemed predicted on the idea that Ed Miliband was about as politically capable, and as human, as an octopus and that when the general public were confronted with widespread coverage of the Labour leader support would evaporate. Few seemed to factor in the possibility that the Leader of the Opposition would turn out not to be a gurning moron, or that with expectations at rock bottom showing anything beyond a pulse would count as a string performance.


“As it happened, Miliband has turned in a convincingly humanoid performance and Labour’s poll-rating has remained resilient. In the past few days the betting has begun to reflect what weeks of polling has been telling us: barring a remarkable turnaround, the electoral maths –which unlike manifesto maths is based on real numbers-cannot work for Cameron. Britain’s next prime minister is almost certain to be Ed Miliband, who is as short as 8-15 to take up the keys to Number 10.


“This raises many important questions , such as: can Britain take five years of Miliband staring deep into our souls down camera lenses? (Yes, but it will be often unnerving.) However, I imagine there is no question candidates are hearing more often on the doorsteps than “what will a prime minister Miliband mean for racing?”


“Campaign literature on this important topic is surprisingly thin from Labour, as with other parties. In fact, the party that has made their racing policy clearest-by which I mean one 17-word sentence in their manifesto-is the Greens, who have received extensive coverage here for their aggressive anti-racing stance.


“We know, for example, they wish to ban the whip and imagine the Grand National to be a mixture of the running of the bulls and Gallipoli but, really, we might as well ask cocker spaniels for their opinion on Trident renewal because the Greens will play no greater role in the next administration than Bez from Happy Mondays (standing in Salford for the We Are Reality party no less),


“The effect on the sport of a Labour administration  is likely to come in two forms. First, whether it will support the introduction of a racing-right, the sport’s proposed new funding system mechanism. In this, the BHA seems like Peter Mandelson, to be intensely relaxed. Clive Efford, the shadow minister for sport, has already offered his party’s support for the racing right. There is always the possibility that positions change in power, but racing can rely upon the fact that government’s involvement in levy settlement has long since been seen as a  tiresome chore and it would be surprising if a proposal to offload state involvement was not taken up.


“Where Labour is more likely to throw a spanner in the works is taking action against gaming machines. As industry Editor Bill Barber wrote this week, Labour wishes to hand local authorities extensive controls over betting shops, including the power to ban gaming machines. This could, the bookies say, mean disaster for the industry and for racing.


“They may well be right, Restrictions on gaming machines, if introduced, would mean fewer betting shops. Fewer shops could lead to reduced levy-or alternative funding-and reduced media rights payments.

“BHA chief executive Nick Rust has been touring the provinces this week, warning that, despite outward signs of health, racing must address problems such as the low return to owners (26p in the pound and failing horse numbers (7 per cent down since 2010), and in that context the loss of a significant chunk of bookmaker funding could have serious consequences for the sport.

“It is difficult to see how the betting industry could see off this threat to its business, and hence perhaps in racing’s finances. After all, you won’t find many taking to the barricades in defence of man’s right to play three games of roulette per minute. “

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