Sunday, 10 May 2015

Friday May 8, 2015.


JMC: Where do “Human Rights” fit into the British political, legal and horseracing government system “Punch and Judy Show” ?
What would have happened to the colt Gleneagles if he had been passed over to the electorate for their vote to decide whether he should challenge for the Newmarket 2,000 Gns last weekend or not?
What would the British electorate know about training a racehorse? Nothing at all. What do the British electorate know about politics, law and horseracing ? Nothing much at all.
What we have seen over the last few months is politicians’ addressing the electorate, presenting projects they propose to concentrate on to improve.  Projects that at the present time are failing the British people’s everyday needs so badly right across the board.  Projects needing urgent and undivided attention. Eg: Housing, education, careers, banks, accountants, lawyers, NHS, pay, businesses, each and every tax, minimum wage, living wage, governments who fritter away hard earned tax-payers-cash every day,  EU matters, global matters. 

It has been noted that many, but not all, politicians from many different parties all over the country standing for election this time, are decent honest hard working  people that do understand the present British Punch and Judy Show political and legal systems but sadly not the horseracing government system. Eg: Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls. And undoubtedly many more. All chucked out by this cruel long-outdated British general election process. Good men, fit, ready and interested to go to work straight away to sort out the present dire state this country and all the people to include the  horses has been allowed to sink to.
Outcome, we find today that the Conservative Party have achieved a majority. The cruellest, the most lethal bully party who stand to serve only the rich and privileged, leaving the young, old and vulnerable to settle rich men’s bank  debts. Doesn’t make sense. Has nothing to do with “Human Rights” . But everything to do with ignorance, dark age tactics and fraudulent practice.

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