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Today Daily Politics. 
Welfare Debate
BBC2  2.00 - 3.00pm
Presented by Andrew Neil and Alison Holt who are joined by leading politicians
 to discuss welfare, reform, employment and pensions.
Male Reform? or Female Reform? What sort of reform? There is a big difference between the two.
Welfare? What sort of welfare? Male British Horseracing,  political and legal government use the word "welfare" a lot to cover up their horrific negligence and neglect. Whilst behind true horseman's backs government have them locked into their dishonest government minimum-wage theft- trap, this has been going on over the last 6 decades, and must without doubt be one of the worst government frauds uncovered in recent times. The question now,  how many other industries have governments corrupted in the same way, for only their own financial gain?



 PART 1.

  Published in the Racing Post Saturday May 2, 2015 page 3.

 PART 2.
"Dominant duo should be admired not criticised  for commitment to excellence. "
British political, legal and horseracing government fraud left ongoing over the last
 6 decades. 
Lady Burnham’s Bloodhorse Illiterate Government Report: 1998-2000.
Burnham Bloodhorse Illiterate Report dictated to trainers they were to employ superstore shelf stackers to come in part time to handle and ride out owners racehorses in training, to be paid the "Minimum Wage". This is the most horrific desperately dangerous government order anyone could possibly give to a licensed trainers.
Lord Donoghue’s Bloodhorse Illiterate Government  Commission: 2003-2004
British Government Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Review 2010-2011
British government waste, throw away, massive amounts of hard earned tax payers money every day paying bloodhorse illiterate people as are Burnham, O'Donoghue, Sties, Morris, Rust and more. 

Lee Mottershead.
“Quiet Genius at work”
Page 15.
“Dominant duo should be admired not criticised for commitment to excellence.

“Last week the very best showed they are getting even better. It was a week in which the domination of the sport by the very few was highlighted.

“This makes some people anxious, and perhaps for good reasons, but genius should also be applauded. Ireland has the sport’s two most successful trainers and events at Punchestown and Newmarket confirmed they are more powerful in their spheres than very few ever have been.

“No Flat trainer is supplied with finer bloodstock than Aidan O’Brien , but excellent horses can be messed up by inferior horsemen. O’Brien does not let that happen, as he underlined once again with the deeply impressive triumph of Gleneagles in the Qipco 2,000 Guineas.

“The Ballydoyle master’s job is to make stallions for Coolmore and, aside from the Derby, there is perhaps no more important platform for doing that then the Guineas. That O’Brien has now saddled the Newmarket winner on seven occasions is testament to him getting it right when it matters." 

“He is of course , surrounded and supported by excellence, never more so than now after messrs  Magnier, Tabor and Smith finally secured the man they had wanted for so long in Ryan Moore.

“Those owners have been responsible for the last four winners of the Investic Derby, the last three of them trained at Ballydoyle, the last two of them sired by the incredible Galileo, also the father of Gleneagles , not to mention Frankel. Coolmore and Ballydoyle do not currently have this year’s Derby favourite but the likeliest outcome is still surely that they will have the winner.

“Yet no matter how successful a season ’the lads’, their trainer and jockey, they will still struggle to match the campaign just concluded by Mullins, whose hegemony has reached, in surprisingly little time , unprecedented heights.

“Mullins, like O’Brien, trains the best horses, but where he differs is in training them for a collection of different people.

“Ballydoyle’s superstars come from a single sauce, but at Punchestown last week Mullins trained at least one winner for eight different owners. The Riccis, the Wylies and Gigginstown House Stud  all supply Mullins with great raw material because they have complete faith in his ability. Rightly so as well.

“Following on from his wonderful Cheltenham, Mullins was even more rampant at Punchestown, where his 16 winners accounted for 43 per cent of all races staged.

“Ten of the Grade 1 prizes were netted by his stable, the prize-money banked taking his seasonable total beyond £4 million, more than the next three trainers in the championship table could amass when combined. Mullins also trained more winners than those three men , Gordon Elliott, Noel Meade and Tony Martin, put together.

“The statistics almost stray into the realms of the surreal.
“But if that is disheartening for Mullins’ Irish rivals, it is perhaps even more so for his British counterparts.
The best jumpers in training are being bought at a young age by the Riccis and Michael O’Leary, whose colours are seen exclusively on Irish-trained horses.
“Punchestown’s management expressed unease last week at the level of British participation, particularly in the Grade 1 races, but that situation in part stems from an understandable belief, proven at Cheltenham, that Mullins is extremely hard to beat in Britain, let alone on home soil.
“Like O’Brien, Mullins is nicely self-depreciating, but it gets sent the top horses by the biggest owners for a reason.
“He should not be criticized , and nor should O’Brien, because others cannot keep up. “
Racing Post Bank Holiday Monday May 4, 2015 Alastair Down writes: Page 1 and 4
 "Ryan Moore makes it a weekend to remember as Legatissimo wins the 1,000 Guineas to give him Classic double. "
"IT IS unlikely the finest jockey in our islands will ever be known as Moore The Merrier, but he picked up the Rowley Mile over the weekend and shook it by the scruff of the neck until a pair of Guineas winners fell out.

"If we are not, as yet, in the presence of genius, in Ryan Moore we have an exceptional talent chugging steadily to all-time great status and he joins a select band by becoming just the sixth jockey to land the 2,000/1,ooo Guineas double since 1900.

Guineas double has magic Moore closing in on all-time great status

“Although the Ryan Moore Bumper Bedside Funbook does not regularly appear among the Christmas best-seller book list, for my money a little too much is made of his somewhat edgy attitude and disinclination to jump through the media’s hoops.
“He is utterly his own man in an age when the pressures to conform to some smiley stereotype are enormous. Great British Racing is hell –bent on making Flat jockey stars in the same way their jumping brethren are through the winter but if they want flying dismounts, high fives and loads of cuddles and connections from Moore then they face a slope similar to the north face of the Eiger. In a blizzard."

Temperament?  7 challenges to date. Leopardstown 2yo Debut 06 June 2014 finished 4
Colm O’ Donoghue in the saddle. Gleneagles went on to win 5 other races as a 2yo Joseph O’Brien in the saddle. Gleneagles in action looks to have a calm and settled way of going about his work, knowing accurately what he is being asked to do, as observed on Saturday at Newmarket. Gleneagles has learned as a yearling, as a two year old, and now as a three year old what is expected of him. That is no fluke, but the true daily work he has been learning every day at home with a highly skilled horseman in the saddle.

Such highly skilled true British horsemen have and are being ripped-off by British government every single day, this government theft has been left ongoing over the last 6 decades considered to be one of the biggest government frauds in recent years. These government fraudsters need to be weeded out called to account, named and shamed and ordered to pay back all the money they have stolen off other people

The British Qipco 2,000 Guineas Newmarket (GB) the first time Gleneagles challenges as a 3yo,  Ryan Moore in the saddle for the first time to win easy. 19 challengers.
Gleneagles earnings to date  £554,612.

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